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Ruan Xiangping, First-Level Inspector of the Department of International Cooperation of the Chinese
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From October 29 to 30, 2019, Ruan Xiangping, First-Level Inspector of the Department of International Cooperation of the Chinese Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST), visited Wujin National High-tech Zone to investigate the China-Israel Changzhou Innovation Park to learn more about the construction of CIP and the cooperation and exchanges between both countries. Leaders of Changzhou municipal government, Wujin District and Wujin National High-tech Zone, including Li Lin, Xu Zhiguo, Zhu Zhengqing and Li Lei, accompanied Ruan Xiangping and participated in the discussion.

Ruan Xiangping and his team visited the Israel Center of CIP, and investigated the Guochuang NEV Energy and Information Innovation Center and the Natali Remote ECG Monitoring Center.

At the subsequent CIP work conference, participants spoke freely and discussed the ideas and key tasks for the further development of CIP. After listening to the work report of CIP in this year, Ruan Xiangping pointed out that CIP is the first innovation demonstration park jointly established by the Chinese and Israeli governments in China; it has a unique status and significance in the field of innovation cooperation between China and Israel; and establishing CIP is a major measure to thoroughly implement the important instructions of Vice President Wang Qishan and the resolutions of the fourth meeting of the China-Israel Joint Committee on Innovation Cooperation (JCIC).

For the next stage, Ruan Xiangping emphasized that CIP should further serve as a pioneer and flagship of China-Israel cooperation, make full use of the government cooperation platform and the Initiative, and continuously expand the field of cooperation; communication between China and Israel should be improved to focus more on the demands of Israel; innovative resources of Israel should be introduced based on the technological requirements of China to achieve a win-win situation; based on the advantages of early start, rich experiences and advanced manufacturing of China, authorities should try their best to innovate the mechanism for China-Israel cooperation and to build a distribution center and bridgehead of national resources for China-Israel cooperation.

Li Lin, Deputy Mayor and Secretary of the District Party Committee, said that the District Party Committee and the district government will do their best to properly construct CIP in accordance with the national, provincial and municipal deployment requirements.