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Requirement of the Municipal Committee Secretary upon visit to the China-Israel Changzhou Innovatio
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On the afternoon of November 21, Changzhou Municipal Committee Secretary Mr. Wang Quan paid a special visit to the China-Israel Changzhou Innovation Park (CIP), and emphasized that the whole city must further improve its ideological level to undertake the critical national mission, that is, promoting the park construction based on the updated development positioning of “the Pilot of China-Israel Innovation Cooperation” and building the China-Israel Changzhou Innovation Park into a true “bridge” for technological transfer from Israel to China, as well as a demonstration zone for China-Israel cooperation regarding technologies, projects and capitals. Participators in this visit along with Mr. Wang were leaders of Changzhou City, Wujin District and High-tech Zone, including Fang Guoqiang, Li Lin, Dai Shifu, Lu Qiuming, Shi Xuyong, Xu Zhiguo, Zhu Zhengqing and Li Lei.

They visited the Israel Center, an exhibition hall in the China-Israel Changzhou Innovation Park, which was recently put into operation and fully demonstrated the development history of the China-Israel Changzhou Innovation Park, latest Israeli technologies and China-Israel cooperation achievements using latest multimedia technologies. In this exhibition hall, Mr. Wang Quan learned details about the construction and development of the Park, project introduction and incubation, and also gave affirmation to China-Israel cooperation projects within the Park regarding smart manufacturing, life health, new-generation information technology and other respects.

At a subsequent symposium, the representative of the China-Israel Changzhou Innovation Park provided a report on the Park’s operations, and Mr. Wang pointed out that since the municipal party committee and the municipal government made adjustments and improvements to the decision-making deployment of the China-Israel Changzhou Innovation Park, the Park and all relevant departments attached great importance to its development. Many effective efforts were made in strict accordance with the requirements of the municipal party committee and the government, resulting in gradual improvement of the Park’s mechanisms, initial achievements in morphological adjustment, steady construction of major platforms, and acceleration of innovation cooperation.

Wang Quan said that the China-Israel Changzhou Innovation Park is the first innovation demonstration park in China jointly established by the two governments. The whole city must fully understand the extreme importance of the Park’s development and its strategic significance for innovations and development of Changzhou, always keep aware of missions and crisis, and promote the Park’s development of high quality with international vision, marketization rules and modern management.

He also stressed that the city should spare no pains to undertake the national missions. Specifically, it should actively communicate and coordinate with the Ministry of Science and Technology and the provincial department of science and technology to go all out to do well in organization and planning and complete these missions and give full play to the demonstration role of the China-Israel Innovation Park; it should promote the platform improvement for higher quality, and in this regard, all relevant municipal departments should attach great importance to the construction of Jiangsu China-Israel Industrial Technology Research Institute and Israel Jiangsu Innovation Center, accelerate the recruitment of the executive director of the research institute, and further expand and improve the functions of the Israel Jiangsu Innovation Center; it should coordinate and support the constructions in the Park, so all relevant departments should carry out a main-responsibility system, take the development needs of the China-Israel Changzhou Innovation Park into consideration, carefully study and prepare a work plan of 2020 on key tasks for China-Israel cooperation, give full play to available resources and provide strong support for the China-Israel Changzhou Innovation Park; at the same time, the Park should keep improving its market-oriented systems and mechanisms, explore modern enterprise management systems, and lay a solid foundation for its development by aggregation, incubation and transformation of many Israeli high-tech projects.

It is reported that in this April, the municipal party committee and the government decided to relocate the whole China-Israel Changzhou Innovation Park to the “Science and Technology Innovation Corridor” of Changzhou, and entrusted Wujin National High-tech Zone to promote this relocation. Since relocation and improvement, the China-Israel Changzhou Innovation Park has adhered to planning from high starting points, construction based on high standards and promotion for high quality, and up to now, it has formulated the Innovation System Construction Plan for China-Israel Changzhou Innovation Park and the Conceptual Layout of Initially Developed Areas in China-Israel Changzhou Innovation Park. Greening improvements, housing reconstructions, municipal renovations and other relevant works in the initially developed areas have been all completed; a commencement has been seen in constructions of the robot and smart manufacturing public service platform by Jiangsu China-Israel Industrial Technology Research Institute; the Israel Center was completed and put into operation in early October. The Park plays an active role in implementing the “China-Israel Changzhou Innovation Park (CIP) Initiative for declaration of Israeli high-tech projects, and the year of 2019 has seen 17 additional declared projects under the CIP Initiative, 10 additional WOFEs and China-Israel cooperative enterprises settled in the Park, and 4 additional China-Israel S&T cooperation projects, and up to 90 Israeli WOFEs and cooperative enterprises in total are currently operating in the CIP which has yielded 24 bi-national S&T cooperation projects.