离岸联动 | 以色列企业来华发展沙龙成功举办






On the afternoon of August 30, companies in Israel gathered at the Israel Jiangsu Center to take part in a salon held by the CICP. The online event was tailor-made for high-tech enterprises who wish to expand their market in China. During the salon, the CICP explained the preferential policies enjoyed by Israeli enterprises and answered questions from businesses. Chen Shunming, deputy director of the CICP, attended the event and made a speech. The event attracted nearly 20 innovation enterprises to take part. Also present were Shibolet, a famous law firm in Israel; the accounting firm KPMG and Sheng-BDO, a company in the field of technology transfer.



Shibolet and KPMG made a detailed introduction about the legal and taxation procedures that Israeli enterprises need to undertake when coming to China. Cognata and Sivolam, the two companies that have already settled in Changzhou through the CICP Initiative, shared their thoughts and experience about developing in China. 


The salon, with a focus on issues that Israeli enterprises really cared about, has won approval from all the entrepreneurs. In paving the way for the future development in China, it has boosted their confidence in the Chinese market and enhanced their intent to come to the CICP.