The China Israel Changzhou Innovation Park (CICP) is the first innovation demonstration park in China that was jointly established by the Chinese and Israeli governments. In January 2015, then Chinese Vice-Premier Liu Yandong and Israeli Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman of that time jointly inaugurated the CICP.

  Over the past eight years, CICP has maintained its leading position in the development of cooperation system, models and achievements, providing a strong boost to Chinese-Israeli innovation cooperation. It has gathered a total of 188 Israeli WOFEs and China-Israel cooperative enterprises, and has yielded 46 bi-national S&T cooperation projects involved in life sciences, modern agriculture, intelligent manufacturing, new materials, and other emerging industries. A number of innovation platforms have been built, such as Jiangsu China-Israel Industrial Technology Research Institute, Israel Jiangsu Center, and CIP TEC (China-Israel International Technology Cooperation & Investment Center). The CICP was awarded as a National Medical Device International Innovation Park by the Chinese Ministry of Science and Technology, and designated as the Demonstration Area for China-Israel High-tech Industry Cooperation by the National Development and Reform Commission.

  Going forward, CICP will enhance its position as the "Pilot of China-Israel Innovation Cooperation," promote continuous innovation and actively integrate into the world innovation network with a global vision. Through the accelerated development of an open ecosystem for innovation and entrepreneurship in line with international standards, it will collect as many high-quality innovation resources as possible worldwide. Demonstrating a comprehensive innovation system that contributes to international cooperation and economic development, the CICP aims to take the lead in terms of an integrated development of China-Israel innovation cooperation. This will be done through the establishment of an international open ecosystem, the development of an innovation-driven economy and the cultivation of a top-class business environment. The goal is to set a "Model for Innovation-driven International Cooperation in the Course of China’s Economic Transformation and Upgrading."