Moshe Innovation Accelerator
Time of issue:2020-12-21 09:34:50

  Moshe Innovation Accelerator is an investment management and industry acceleration company established by Mr. Ilan Maimon and successful entrepreneurs and managers from both China and Israel. Moshe is committed to providing one-stop acceleration services for Israeli innovative technology companies in the fields of life sciences, intelligent manufacturing, new materials, ecological and environmental protection to develop in China, and Moshe contribute to China-Israel innovation strategic cooperation.

  Moshe Innovation Accelerator is located on the 4th floor of Building 6, China Israel Changzhou Innovation Park, covering an area of more than 800 square meters including small roadshow area, fitness area, independent office area, social area and other functional areas.

  Until now, Moshe has successfully attracted a number of Israeli technological innovation companies to settle or provide services, such as Exlanz, BDO Consulting, AquaFama, etc.

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