Time of issue:2020-12-21 09:36:24

  Established in 1991, Natali is a global provider of aging in place service. Natali provides telemedicine, on-call emergency, security assistance for a wide customer base including: 10,000 businesses, 200,000 households and 3 million end users. As Israel’s most preferred “Healthcare Solutions and Emergency Medical Services” company, Natali provides families and institutions with a portfolio of the world’s leading innovative health and senior-care solutions, including: HD video medical consultation, telemedicine services, smart care services via intelligent terminals, big data analysis and mobile Internet.

  In 2015, Natali entered China. Now, Natali (China) Company has introduced the world's leading health and elderly care service concept and operation model, driven by Israel's leading science and technology, integrated global superior health and medical service resources, and provided Chinese users with a comprehensive, full process, and full life Periodic health care services.

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