Time of issue:2020-12-23 09:37:58

  OurCrowdis an investment platform built foraccredited investorsandinstitutionsto invest instartups, early stage companies andventure funds. Based inJerusalem, the company launched in February 2013, with overseas branches in theUnited States, theUnited Kingdom,Canada,Australia,Spain andSingapore.

  As of October 2020 OurCrowd has over $1.5 billion in committed funding.OurCrowd uses equity crowdfunding as its model. OurCrowd is only available to accredited investors, and requires itsIsraeliportfolio companies to donate a portion of their equity to charity as part of the closing of any funding round.

  Pitchbookhas rated OurCrowd "Israel's most active VC fund." OurCrowd invests its capital in all the companies and venture funds offered on its platform, and extends the opportunity to invest to its accredited membership on the same terms.

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