Time of issue:2020-12-18 09:39:14

  Trendlines is an incubator from Israel dedicated to creating, investing and cultivating innovative medical and agricultural enterprises. As a seed stage investor, Trendlines invests mainly through a business incubator platform licensed by the Israeli government. The company includes three incubators: Trendlines Medical Incubator, Trendlines Agricultural Incubator and Trendlines Laboratories.

  On average, Trendlines invests in 8 enterprises every year, and many companieshave beenacquired by multinational companies or withdrawn by other means have achieved profits, or completed listing on Tel Aviv Stock Exchange in Israel, and 5 companies have been selected as "Best Innovative Startups" by the Israeli government. With its outstanding achievements in the past seven years, Trendlines Incubator has obtained the franchise incubator license of the Israeli government, and has been selected as the "Best Incubator" by the Office of the Chief Scientist of Israel twice. Trendlines was successfully listed in Singapore in November 2015.

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