Time of issue:2020-12-28 09:39:48

  CNOGA is an innovation-type noninvasive armamentarium research & development company, which has subsidiaries in Shanghai, Changzhou and Brazil. Cnoga now has several international patents in the field of noninvasive signs detection and noninvasive blood glucose testing detector, including MTX, COG and other medical apparatus and instruments.

  CNOGA devote itself to R&D, produce and sell noninvasive blood parameters and vital signs checkout equipment, which promotes the application of noninvasive medical instruments in the field of telemedicine. It surely helps more patients use noninvasive instruments to check blood and vital signs at home. And the monitoring results could be sent to mobile phones, computers or medical centers, which would be easy for doctors to respond to patients by SMS or E-mail and let them control their health index at any moment.

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