China-Israel Youth S&T Innovation Camp Opens
Time of issue:2023-08-15 15:30:02

  On August 14, China-Israel Youth S&T Innovation Camp opened in China-Israel International Innovation Village. The opening ceremony was attended by Mayor Sheng Lei, Ravit Baer, Israel’s Consul General in Shanghai, Zhao Zhongxiu, President of the University of International Business and Economics, Chen Xiang, Standing Committee Member of Changzhou Municipal Party Committee and Minister of the Organization Department, Qiao Junjie, Standing Committee Member of Changzhou Municipal Party Committee and Secretary of the Wujin District Committee, Vice Mayor Jiang Pengju, and President Xu Shoukun of Changzhou University. The Israeli Talents’ Journey in Changzhou also kicked off.

  In her speech, Sheng Lei emphasized that youth embodies hope and the power to shape the future. Acting as a bridge in fostering youth exchanges between Changzhou and Israel, the CICP prioritizes the attraction of young talents for innovation and entrepreneurship, and makes every effort to establish a favored destination for Israeli youth to study and start business in China. Sheng Lei expressed the aspiration that all young individuals view Changzhou, “a city of youth, innovation, and prospects”, as a gateway to fully experience the dynamic spirit and entrepreneurial essence that the city embodies.

  Zhao Zhongxiu highlighted the robust educational exchanges between China and Israel. He noted that the UIBE Israel stands as the first domestic university campus established in Israel. He hoped that students participating in the events will take this opportunity to immerse themselves in Changzhou's rich cultural legacy and vibrant innovation spirit. By doing so, they can ignite greater sparks of ideas and innovative dynamism during these exchanges and collaborations, thereby laying a strong groundwork for their future career development.

  Ravit Baer emphasized that the cooperation between the CICP and University of International Business and Economics signifies the convergence of two influential platforms, which is a an inspiring example for the innovation cooperation between China and Israel. She expressed hope for even broader collaboration in the future, aiming to establish a model for the exchange of young talents and fostering innovation and entrepreneurship cooperation between China and Israel.

  China-Israel Youth S&T Innovation Camp will last for four weeks, including two parts: science and innovation training camp and enterprise internship. A group of 21 Israeli students from UIBE Israel will engage in entrepreneurship training, attend expert lectures, and participate in study tours, etc. These activities aim to provide them with a comprehensive experience of “a Leading City in New Energy Industries” and the captivating essence of the city's allure.

  Zhou Chengtao, Secretary General, and Chen Feng, Deputy Secretary General of the Changzhou Municipal Government, along with relevant leaders from the Organization Department of the Changzhou Municipal Party Committee and the Science and Technology Bureau, Foreign Affairs Office of Changzhou Municipal Government, Human Resources and Social Security Bureau, Wujin District and the CICP, participated in the event.

  Being a collaborative innovation park established by China and Israel, CICP has actively explored and practiced around China-Israel education cooperation, innovatively released the the China-Israel Special Project under “Changzhou Talent Program”, and launched the China-Israel international talent community. Currently, the first project has been successfully declared, with 5 Israeli talents residing in the CICP, and training 605 participants in programs like the S&T Innovation Camp and S&T Salon.

  The CICP has introduced 208 Israeli enterprises and China-Israel joint ventures enterprises, and has facilitated 48 China-Israel scientific and technological cooperation projects. This has laid the foundation for a development pattern where innovative projects cluster in the CICP and technological cooperation extends beyond its borders.